Smart Equity & Cap Tables for Companies Their Stakeholders

Automate Your Fundraising

Equity Token helps early stage companies raise capital faster.

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Fundraising is Hard For
Early Stage Companies


Made by founder for founders, Equity Token was born out of a vision to help you grow your team faster and more efficiently.

Equity Token's platform automates the complex parts of fundraising and equity while providing you with greater speed, ease, and clarity throughout the process.

Equity Token will have you and your team feeling less like you are herding cats, and more like you are building the next great unicorn.

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Automated Investment Process

Fundraising is a complicated process. Once you decide to fundraise for your company, you need to set the terms, secure your legal documents, notify all your target investors, send your pitch deck, get signatures, and wait for the committed investors to actually wire the funds. A very manual step by step process.

At Equity Token, we are automating the investment process for your company.

Set up your company and deal once on our platform. Then share it anywhere. We will take care of the rest.

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Trusted By Dynamic Companies

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SImply Invite And Share



Accurately manage your company’s equity & fundraising in real time. Easily send invites to share it with your stakeholders.



Quickly close a deal & then access your portfolio companies to always be in the loop with what is happening.



Know that your equity grants & vesting schedule actually mean something. Watch your equity vest in real time.

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Secure Data Room

A safe and secure place for all your files. Equity Token provides you with a secure online, cloud-based, storage center for all your sensitive equity documents.

You control who has access and keep all of your companies equity agreements organized by shareholder.

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Instantly Send, sign and collect signatures

Close faster with legally binding e-signatures. Reduce the number of drop-offs and accelerate your investment process.

We know that chasing and securing signatures can be a time consuming challenge. Now you can speed through the process by quickly onboarding any new stakeholder through the document signing process.

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Easily facilitate bank transfers

A secure, scalable and reliable way for your company to accept ACH payments and wire transfers.

Getting commitments is only half the battle. Equity Token makes it effortless for you and your stakeholders to connect your bank accounts, so you get the funds you need to continue to grow and build your business faster.



Secured On The Blockchain

Our cryptographic equity certificates use our proprietary smart contracts. We call it “Smart Equity”.

Giving you the option to use an immutable buy/sell ledger mirrored and backed up on the blockchain. Saving you frequent and expensive calls to the lawyers office.

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