Help Founders Improve The Lives Of One Billion People

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A team that brings with it years of experience helping thousands of new founders start their dream company, Equity Token was born out a vision to help those founders grow their teams faster and more efficiently. Our continued mission is to:

“Help Founders Improve The Lives Of One Billion People”.

The way in which company’s are built today is ripe for technological disruption. The landscape of how company’s are grown around the world is shifting. We believe that many of the advantages blockchain unlocks with regards to equity, is increasingly helpful to founders all over the planet and their shareholders.

Equity Token's equity management platform enables the creation of tokenized equity. Equity Tokens can be instantly transferred, offer a shorter path to liquidity, provide global investor access, lower transactional fees, increase transparency, and much more. In order to facilitate this process have designed our own new set of smart contracts to make it easier for teams to work together and grow together.

We are couldn’t be more excited to help our companies build the future of tomorrow!