A New Start Up Ecosystem - Part 2

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In Brad Feld’s book, Startup Communities, he stated that it takes approximately 20 years for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop in a city or region. Over the last two decades, the seeds for new startup ecosystems have been planted all around the world. Between now and 2032 it is expected that global economic value from technological change will double, thereby globalizing Silicon Valley.

All companies start with founders and as the global startup ecosystem grows from the seeds planted over the past two decades, the interconnectedness of the global equity markets will grow with it. Specifically, around the companies those founders create.

A global equity network will span across many nations borders and as such will require a standard in order to operate efficiently. The recent rise of blockchain technologies can now allow us to efficiently manage equity around the world. Existing financial institutions are already in an arms race to better integrate technology controls properly into their existing systems. The creation of Equity Token will allow founders to tie their corporate shares to the blockchain, and transact on this newly minted global stage.