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Programmable Equity Ownership - Part 5

The short-term success of ICO fundraising to date and the long-term success of Venture Capital’s ability to drive innovation are two industries ripe for combination due to how well they complement each other. Coindesk’s “State of the Blockchain” Q4 2017 survey they found that the majority of people believe that ICO & VC investment are complements to each other.

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The Rise of Blockchain - Part 4

Last year token sales grew nearly 100x from Q1 to Q4 with the total raised by ICOs hitting $3.23bn in Q4. During this same time, digital assets outperformed traditional assets by nearly 13x. Some of this growth is being driven by highly reputable financial institutions, such as Andreessen Horowitz and George Soros, allocating investment to this emerging asset class.

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The Refragmentation - Part 3

The need for a decentralized internet is clearly imminent as the current structure is no longer efficient. One example in recent years is the failure of proper journalism, due to declining publisher revenues and the never-ending need for increased page views. We are witnessing what Paul Graham has coined “The Refragmentation”.

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