Smart Equity & Cap Tables for Companies Their Stakeholders

Equity Token

Smart Equity for Companies

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How Equity Token Works

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Quickly add the basic information about your company to get started. 

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Add and manage all equity stakeholders in your business via secure and automated smart contracts.

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Simply invite teammates to login and view their equity.

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Manage Your Equity In One Place


Cap Table

Simple and fast cap table creation and management.

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Issue equity in real time with one click. Simplify your equity with our automated smart contracts.

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Lower Fees

Reduce costs, save money, and onboard stakeholders for less.

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Eliminate errors and clarify with a more transparent and traceable system.



Effortlessly invite stakeholders such as co-founders, employees, investors, and advisors to share information.

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Document Storage

A safe and secure place for all your team files.


Tokenizing Equity

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Accurately manage company equity in real time, and make seamless transfers to stakeholders.

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Access to vetted and diversified startups providing access to earlier liquidity.

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Know that your vesting schedule actually means something and watch your wallet top up in real time.

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